• Examination Couch

    Examination Couch

    • Standard.
    • With adjustable back rest.

  • Bedstep


    Single and Double

  • Anaesthetic Instrument Trolley

    Anaesthetic Instrument Trolley

    • Single drawer, with rail around top shelf.
    • 450mm x 450mm x 860mm

  • Anaesthetic Instruments Trolley

    Anaesthetic Instruments Trolley

    • Double Drawer, with rail.
    • 915mm x 455mm x 865mm

  • Dressing Trolley with Rail

    Dressing Trolley with Rail

    • Small Dressing Trolley with Rail, 455mm x 455mm
    • Medium Dressing Trolley with Rail, 610mm x 455mm
    • Large Dressing Trolley with Rail, 915mm x 455mm

  • Instrument Trolley

    Instrument Trolley

    • Small Instrument Trolley, 450mm x 450mm
    • Medium Instrument Trolley, 600mm x 450mm
    • Large Instrument Trolley, 915mm x 450mm

  • Poison Cupboard

    Poison Cupboard

    • Poison Cupboard, Double Door, Lockable.
    • Poison Cupboard, Single Door, Lockable.

  • Mobile Medicine Trolley with Folding Internal Shelf

    Mobile Medicine Trolley with Folding Internal Shelf

    • Dimensions 1250mm x 600mm x 470mm.
    • Cabinet: 600mm x 500mm x 470mm with sloping front.
    • Lockable